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8Tiempos.com intends to gather all information related to the dance trying to keep the origin of each dance intact. Because if we do not know where we come from we’ll never know where to go.

Here you will find:

• Origin and History.
• Videos.
• Music.
• Calendar of Events.
• The Forum (your site review).
• Where to dance.
World dance Radio  
Dance movies  
• ... And much more.

I hope you enjoy it.

Dancing is dreaming with your feet ...
Praise the ignorant and make him dance, if he is not silly, silly you will make him.
Life is a tango; if you slip off continue dancing.
Dancing without “Cuban son”, is being crazy  or a huge fan of it.
Whoever wants to dance, with a tambourine dances.
Who doesn’t know how to dance says that drums are not worth at all.

The dance is a way for people to come together and interact in a social setting, while exercising and having fun.

- What physical benefits are offered by the dance?

The practice of any dance involves a great cardiovascular work that benefits heart, gain endurance and burn calories, in addition, tones muscle and shapes the figure. Moreover, do not forget that earns coordination, body alignment and develops a sense of rhythm. And the best part is that no one has the feeling of making that effort, because dancing can be fun.

And on a personal level provides many benefits, and helping to release tension, to disconnect from the routine, increases self-esteem and morale rose greatly.

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